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National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys
Gold star Certificate 2014
Gold star Certificate 2013
BBB Accredited Business A+
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"David Serafin is a talented and respectful attorney that works hard to get the best results for his clients. He's thorough at reviewing client cases and patient at explaining all the available options. I would certainly recommend him to anyone searching for help with a bankruptcy, a tax situation or estate planning."

— from Ariel Knobbe

"Mr. Serafin is a consummate professional and his hard work and legal advice are second to none. He will give you outstanding personalized legal service, and you will be glad you chose him as your attorney. While some lawyers have a bad reputation for lacking ethics, Mr. Serafin holds himself to the highest of ethical standards and is in good standing with the Colorado bar. Pick Mr. Serafin for your tax and other legal needs — you will be glad you did."

— from RS

My wife and live in the Denver area and by chance chose David Serafin as our lawyer. We were attracted to his website, but we hadn't asked anyone in the area for referrals. We were considering a Chapter 13 Bk and were pretty clueless about the whole process.

In expertise, guidance, empathy and availability — he has been awesome. We will be through with the process soon, and we just wanted to make sure that if you need an expert lawyer who will also be compassionate and patient, David Serafin is a great choice.

We are not pleased that we made investment mistakes during an enticing (then volatile) real estate market, but we're grateful we found David and highly recommend him.

— from RB

David is a honest, intelligent and trustworthy friend and attorney. David is extremely assiduous. As a colleague, I have the utmost respect for David. David is extremely driven and has a high degree of knowledge of the law. With an LL.M. in taxation David brings a different perspective to his bankruptcy cases. It is important for anyone who is considering filing bankruptcy to understand what tax obligation they may face. David is affordable because he is efficient when assisting his clients. David is very down to earth, and accommodating.

— from RP

If you are in need of a excellent attorney who will provide you support, guidance, professionalism, and most importantly, INTEGRITY. David does it all! I would not pass up his due diligence!

— from Richard Torres

It's hard knowing who to trust when everything you have is on the line.

David Serafin was referred to me through a friend as I contemplated what to do about the debt I could no longer manage...and thank goodness!

David was extremely knowledgeable and provided me with the guidance I was so in need of throughout the Bankruptcy process. I felt like such a failure. David provided me with the respect and support which was crucial in helping me keep my chin up. He is a genuinely good person with integrity and motivation to serve his clients to the fullest of his abilities!

In addition, David was always readily available to answer my continuing stream of questions as we navigated through the process.

He also provided me with a sense of security which I greatly needed. My case wasn't nearly as straight forward as most. David did the necessary research to clear up the many grey areas in my case allowing me to keep more of my assets.

I'm so grateful for everything David did to assist me and will continue to refer his services!

— from Julie RZ

Filing bankruptcy was stressful, and if one finds themselves in that position it means something went wrong. In my case, I recently sustained a near fatal injury. We were forced to take a serious look at our finances and come to the conclusion that bankruptcy was the best option. This was scary, but after meeting with David for the first time we were less scared. During our initial consultation, he took his time, he answered our questions, and he appeared more than competent — able to provide answers and opinions to a host of questions. Ultimately, we hired David for our Chapter 7 filing, and he did a great job: his communication was good, he returned messages and e—mails in a timely fashion, and most importantly, our bankruptcy went through consistent with the advice of David. I would recommend David to anyone.

A grateful client