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How can I Avoid Foreclosure in Colorado?

Colorado Mortgage Foreclosure Defense

A vicious combination of one of the most devastating economic recessions in U.S. history, combined with an out–of–control prime and sub–prime lending market and a collapsing real estate bubble, led to a record number of house foreclosures nationwide, with Colorado being no exception.

Today, even with the economy showing signs of recovery, foreclosures in Colorado and nationwide remain staggeringly high.

A countless number of people in Colorado are facing economic difficulties created by job loss, medical bills and credit card debt. Accordingly, you may now be behind in paying your mortgage. Bankruptcy helps you save your house, eliminate your debt, and improve your credit score.

If you fall behind on your mortgage, you may have a foreclosure notice served upon you in which case you will have only a limited time to respond. If you are served with a Colorado foreclosure notice, it may take only a few weeks before you’re evicted from your own house. After you’re forced to leave your house, the house will sell at a foreclosure auction sale, most likely more considerably less than the mortgage you still owe. This is referred to as a deficiency balance, meaning that the lender can legally sue you for the balance of the amount you promised (in writing) to pay less the price the home sells for.

The Law Office of David M. Serafin will fight for you to keep your home by using Bankruptcy and the debt relief services. Regardless of whether your mortgage payment is only a month or two behind, or there is an imminent foreclosure auction sale set for your house — you are only a phone call away from getting the information you need to make the best decision for you and your family.

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Can I Save My Home?

Many Colorado homeowners have simply walked away from their house (and mortgage payment) when in a situation whereby they owe more on the house than the house is currently valued at (e.g. the house is “upside down”) and/or they simply do not have enough money (because of job loss, divorce, medical bills, other high monthly expenses) to keep making the mortgage payment. Many have lost their house even after attempting to make ends meet. If you find yourself in this situation, the Law Office of David M. Serafin can take the following actions on your behalf:

  • Stripping away 2nd and 3rd mortgages through Chapter 13 Bankruptcy,
  • Curing mortgage arrears by forcing the lender to allow you to pay back the mortgage deficiency over 3 to 5 years through Chapter 13 Bankruptcy,
  • Negotiating a loan modification or loan forbearance agreement from your lender, and
  • Filing of adversary lawsuits against lenders for violations of the Truth in Lender Act, predatory lending, and other state/Federal consumer protection statutes.

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Client Reviews
David Serafin is a talented and respectful attorney that works hard to get the best results for his clients. He's thorough at reviewing client cases and patient at explaining all the available options. I would certainly recommend him to anyone searching for help with a bankruptcy, a tax situation or estate planning. A. K.
Mr. Serafin is a consummate professional and his hard work and legal advice are second to none. He will give you outstanding personalized legal service, and you will be glad you chose him as your attorney. While some lawyers have a bad reputation for lacking ethics, Mr. Serafin holds himself to the highest of ethical standards and is in good standing with the Colorado bar. Pick Mr. Serafin for your tax and other legal needs - you will be glad you did. R.S.
If you are in need of a excellent attorney who will provide you support, guidance, professionalism, and most importantly, INTEGRITY. David does it all! I would not pass up his due diligence! R. T.