Aurora, Colorado

Even though the Law Office of David M. Serafin is located in the Cherry Creek and Glendale areas of Denver, we are retained by a large number of personal and business bankruptcy clients in Aurora, Colorado and in Arapahoe County in general.

David M. Serafin is a Denver County and Arapahoe County, Colorado based bankruptcy and tax lawyer who specializes in filing Bankruptcy for individuals and businesses with tax debt, personal guarantees for business debt, credit card debt, medical bills and/or for those facing foreclosure or repossession.

Real estate prices in Aurora, Colorado in particular have been hit especially hard over the past few years and, as such, we typically file motions in Chapter 13 bankruptcy to get rid of second mortgages for Aurora homeowners who are upside down or underwater as to both mortgages. This can wipe away considerable unsecured debt. Further, for many unemployed or underemployed Aurora residents, Chapter 7 bankruptcy - filed usually to eliminate all debt without the burden of being required to make plan payments to a trustee - may be appropriate.

If you live in Aurora, Colorado or elsewhere in Arapahoe County, please contact David M. Serafin at (303) 862-9124 to schedule a free initial consultation.

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