Chapter 13 Bankruptcy versus Debt Consolidation Should I Attempt to Save My Colorado Home from Foreclosure or Should I Surrender the Home? Benefits of Chapter 13 bankruptcy for “Higher Income” Bankruptcy Filers Should I Sign Reaffirmation Agreement in Chapter 7 bankruptcy to Keep My Home or Car? Filing Bankruptcy to Prevent Against Wage Garnishment in Colorado A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Colorado Lasts for How Long? It’s Advantageous to Be Honest When Filing Bankruptcy Forgiveness of tax liability is benefit of Colorado bankruptcy What you CAN do when in bankruptcy in Colorado What you CANNOT do when in bankruptcy in Colorado Divorce and Bankruptcy in Colorado “Cramming Down” a Car Loan in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Can the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustee Take the Refund from a Jointly Filed Tax Return? Navigating the Means Test for Bankruptcy Filers in Colorado Timing is Critical When Filing Bankruptcy in Colorado Debt Collection Suits in Colorado Dramatically Increase Colorado Homeowners Can Benefit from Foreclosure Delays to Remain in Home When to File a Corporate Bankruptcy in Colorado? Filing for Bankruptcy Actually Improves the Credit Scores of Colorado residents Will a Bankruptcy filing for only one spouse affect the credit score of the other spouse? The Ultimate Question: Do I File for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Colorado? Creditor Harassment Which Continues After the Colorado Bankruptcy Filing Preparing for the 341 Meeting of Creditors in Denver Bankruptcy Court How Much Does Bankruptcy in Colorado Cost and How Can I Pay for Bankruptcy? Paying Back Tax Debt in a Colorado Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Which Creditors Should I Stop Paying? What is a Credit Counseling class for purposes of Bankruptcy? Hiring an Experienced Denver Bankruptcy Lawyer: What to Look For Most Frequent Mistakes Made by Prospective Bankruptcy Clients in Colorado Colorado Bankruptcy Exemptions: Will I lose my Vehicle(s) in Chapter 7 or 13 Bankruptcy? Will I Lose my Job if I File for Bankruptcy in Colorado? How to Choose an Experienced Colorado Bankruptcy Lawyer The Effects of a Federal Tax Lien in Colorado and Bankruptcy As of November 1, 2010, filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy will Become Harder or Easier (Depending on your State of Residence) Bankruptcy Filings in Colorado Among the Elderly Have Increased, Mainly Because of Credit Card Debt Bankruptcy and Guaranteeing Debts in Colorado How Will the Foreclosure Mess Affect Colorado Bankruptcy Filings? Why You Should be Reluctant About Short Sales Limitations on Tool of Trade Bankruptcy Exemption in Colorado for Small Business Owners Relief from Automatic Stay and Bankruptcy in Colorado Holiday Spending and Timing a Bankruptcy Filing “Spending Down” Disposable Income and Effective Pre-Bankruptcy Planning Demographics of Who is Filing for Bankruptcy in Colorado Bankruptcy Preferences in Colorado Should I Keep my Financed Vehicle in a Colorado Chapter 7 Bankruptcy? Discharging Tax Interest and Penalties in Bankruptcy Ramifications of U.S. Supreme Court’s Ransom Decision for Colorado Bankruptcy Filers The Benefits of a 100% Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Plan Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Filers with Primarily Business Debts Exempted from Means Test Colorado Bankruptcy and Retirement Accounts Short Sale v. Foreclosure in Colorado The Role of the Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Trustee in Colorado Obtaining a Loan in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Bankruptcy and Using Credit Cards Tax Refunds and Bankruptcy Addressing a Lender’s Motion for Relief from Stay in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy How Much Does Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Colorado Cost? When Can I File Bankruptcy for a Second Time in Colorado? Valuation of Colorado Real Estate in Bankruptcy Should I Purchase a New Car Before Bankruptcy? How Bankruptcy in Colorado Affects Mortgage Debt and HOA Dues Why Mortgage Lenders and Servicers Frequently Foreclose in Colorado How is a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Plan Payment Determined in Colorado? Colorado Homeowners are Eliminating Second Mortgages More than Ever Will a Colorado Bankruptcy Stop a Wage Garnishment? Passing the Means Test in Colorado: Making Sure All Monthly Expenses are Counted Bankruptcy for Small Business Owners in Colorado How Personal Bankruptcy, and not Business Bankruptcy, Helps Colorado Small Business Owners The IRS Trust Fund Recovery Penalty and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Utilizing the Colorado Homestead Exemption in Bankruptcy What is Income under the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Means Test? The Definition of Bankruptcy Assets The Dangers of Car Purchases Prior to Bankruptcy Will a Second Mortgage Holder Foreclose in Colorado? Converting from Chapter 13 to Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Converting from Chapter 7 to Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Bankruptcy for Higher Income Debtors Rental Property and Bankruptcy Unborn Children and the Means Test In re Ruiz Decision Affects Colorado Bankruptcy Filers with Uncleared Checks as of Filing Date Velazquez v. Countrywide Home Loans Servicing Allows for Lender’s Attorney Fees Recovery 8th Circuit Holds Exempt Property Subject to Fraudulent Transfer Laws What is Chapter 20 Bankruptcy? Chapter 13 Bankruptcy May Remove Second Mortgage Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Can Stop Foreclosure and Save Your Home Per 9th Circuit’s Mwangi Decision, Bank Cannot Freeze Exempt Bank Account Funds Cram Down Secured Tax Debt in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Re-Opening a Bankruptcy Case as per Section 350(b) Eliminate Second Mortgage in Colorado Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Tax Debt Relief in Bankruptcy Lien Stripping in Colorado Alternatives to Bankruptcy in Colorado The Benefits of Using a Tax Lawyer to File Bankruptcy in Colorado Bankruptcy Options for the Colorado Small Business Owner Law Office of David M. Serafin offers bankruptcy and tax representation in Summit County, Colorado Modification of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Plans Business Bankruptcy in Colorado Personal Bankruptcy in Colorado: Is Chapter 7 or 13 Better for Me?
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